in your tummy


"Please - please come right in my mouth! Please put your sperm on my tongue," she begged sweetly, opening wide to facilitate consumption of my ejaculation, which began to flow in thick, white clumps.

She reacted to the sensation of warmth with a smile, and held the semen in place while I worked the rest from my dick like a tube of toothpaste. As she displayed her catch, I noted the thick smell of my cum, and imagined how intense the aroma must be within her own nose.

She closed her mouth, and her expression changed as she found an unexpected flavor to my cum - and perhaps more of it. She moved the excretion around, hoping to find a more palatable route to her stomach, to no avail. Determined but intimidated, she failed to keep a grin despite her best efforts. But swallow it she did, in a struggled gulp that ended in a belly quivering finish. When she was confident it would remain in place, she grinned and showed me the empty contents of her tongue.

The yucky faces and grimaces she found impossible to avoid were precious, and no less adorable than the smile she beamed brightly at me when she realized she’d swallowed yet another massive load of my sperm. She’s still new to the experience, but my little cutie pie is becoming quite the accomplished little cum eater.